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Just because you're a geek, doesn't mean you're smart. Or observant
palmer_kun wrote in metaquotes
cadhla tells us about geeks she overheard.

In one of the terminal coffee shops, a couple of guys who fit into the 'clearly heading for San Diego' camp were having a deep conversation about women over their blended coffee drinks. The general thrust of their discussion?

They can't get girlfriends because girls don't like zombies.

Not just the generic 'girls don't like horror movies'; no, this was the deeply specific 'we don't get laid because girls don't like dead things'. They expounded on this, at great length. Apparently, our dislike of the shambling dead is a great flaw with the female gender.

Please note that as I was standing there, gaping in a mixture of horror and amusement while I listened to them rambling on, I was wearing my SLITHER shirt, under my S.T.A.R.S. sweatshirt. I couldn't have been a better advertisement for 'real girls like zombies' if you'd paid me. Not without a big sign or something.

Why can't you get dates, guys?

Maybe because you're MORONS.


From the bottom of my little Lordi Girl heart... I SO agree. Morons :D

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Re: Post 2.0 with more Cruch Berries

I like the final option best!

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If I had a quarter for every time I've gone up to the counter at Hollywood Video with a stack of horror movies and the clerk asked me, "Are you renting these for your boyfriend?" I would be quite wealthy.

"No. I'm in serial killer training, and you've just applied to be my first victim."

. . . that reminds me of the guys who think I'm doing Engineering because of the scholarships attatched to it, and I'll drop out as soon as first quarter is over. -.- 'Cause heaven forbid that I might actually LIKE math and science.

Seriously. Some guys are morons.

I have a similar problem in my math department. I make no secret of my desire to, at some later point in life, marrry and have children. Clearly, I am only at university to get my MRS degree and not because I actually have any interest in math or anything.

Hear-hear! Awesome chicks of the world, unite! I love being the chick that makes the guys I meet completely incredulous with delight.

Heey, nice. I knew an idiot guy JUST LIKE THAT! And he was going to Comicon.

The fact that there is MORE than just one of him in this world disturbs me greatly. >.>

There're actually a great many of them. It is sad.

Woah, I love your icon. =^n.n^=


I was a girl at Comic Con.

There with my boyfriend.

We shared a hotel room. He said he felt his life was now complete. (He's been going to Comic Con for years.)

He also laughed at me for totally fangirling Terry Moore.

I totally would have been right there with you fangirling Terry Moore. So awesome!

I know way more girls who're into horror than boys. Boys are rubbish. I'd like to meet some zombie-loving blokes, please.

It's tough being the girl who likes 'guy stuff.'

I prefer to let them keep thinking I'm not into horror movies, big robots, or street racing.

I'm doing them a kindness ... they think I won't date them because we have nothing in common. I'm saving their little hearts from being crushed. And whn I say 'saving them,' I mean 'for another day when my dark lord and master demands that I bring him the sweet tears of the brokenhearted.'

Bwaaaaaaaaahahahahah. Tears of the brokenhearted are *so* hard to come by nowadays. Good show building a stockpile of boys to farm. Excellent work.

Zombies were one of the reasons my boyfriend and I ended up together. Boy, that sounded weird. But we BOTH love zombies and horror movies.

Those guys will just have to find another excuse for their pathetic lack of love. :P

"Zombies were one of the reasons my boyfriend and I ended up together."
"So, you both really love zombie movies?"
"No, our town was infested by zombies and we were the only survivors. Going through all that together really brought us together."
"Unfortunately, zombies are also the reason we broke up."
"He got infected?"
"No, going through all that really turned him off zombie movies. And I cannot love a man who doesn't like zombie movies."

That last statement applies to me too.

Many of the really hot geeky boys on campus don't really bother talking to any of us (by which I mean girls of the opposite sex), as they figure we won't be interested in talking to them about "geeky" "guy" things. Which is frustrating, as I would really quite like to talk about those things. And then sex them up. Which is much harder if they hide in their rooms and never work on developing social skills. So really, there could be much more sexing and technical discussion, is what I'm saying.

I guess my problem is not being on your campus then?

If I saw a chick wearing a STARS shirt, I'd die of happiness.

I like zombies. And when I say like, I mean I mean I derive pleasure from destroying the undead hordes.

But I'm a lesbian so I guess I don't count.