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Just because you're a geek, doesn't mean you're smart. Or observant

cadhla tells us about geeks she overheard.

In one of the terminal coffee shops, a couple of guys who fit into the 'clearly heading for San Diego' camp were having a deep conversation about women over their blended coffee drinks. The general thrust of their discussion?

They can't get girlfriends because girls don't like zombies.

Not just the generic 'girls don't like horror movies'; no, this was the deeply specific 'we don't get laid because girls don't like dead things'. They expounded on this, at great length. Apparently, our dislike of the shambling dead is a great flaw with the female gender.

Please note that as I was standing there, gaping in a mixture of horror and amusement while I listened to them rambling on, I was wearing my SLITHER shirt, under my S.T.A.R.S. sweatshirt. I couldn't have been a better advertisement for 'real girls like zombies' if you'd paid me. Not without a big sign or something.

Why can't you get dates, guys?

Maybe because you're MORONS.
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