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With stabbing!

Posted with permission. Not quite LJ, but still helluva funny. My friends Chris and Sibby on AIM.:P

Sibby: I have a dilemna
Sibby: Or dilemma
Chris: Oh?
Sibby: My brother's girlfriend wants to go YULE CAROLING because she's a crazy wiccan furry nutbag
Sibby: And she's invited me and everyone else
Sibby: SO
Sibby: SKIP IT, and miss out on enjoying time with my non-wiccan non-furry friends
Sibby: Or go and feel like killing myself so much I'll make a deadjournal and every single entry will have LISTENING TO: NIN!!!
Chris: Stab your brother's girlfriend in the kidney so she can't go and then have fun with your friends
Sibby: Yes!!
Sibby: You're like dear abby
Sibby: but with stabbing
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