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good enough, just not transcendental

"so this is college"

From hetrez's journal, conversations she's had in the past two days:

Random Music Major: This band is all right. I'm not really a fan of alterna art grunge pop.
Me: That's an actual genre?
RMM: The cool thing about being a music major is you can make up names for any style of music you want. The way English majors can make up words for everything else.
Random English Major: Hey.
RMM: You, sir, are the most frumious gentleman of my acquaintance.
REM: Fuck you.
RMM: Hey, don't bandersnatch me.


Me: [on phone] Hi, can I speak to Ms H please?
Psycho Chick: I don't give out personal information over the phone.
Me: Oh, I'm not asking for personal information, I wanted to speak to Ms H. I was told she lived at this number, is she there?
PC: I don't give out personal information.
Me: No, but, see, I just wanted to talk to her and ask her a question, I don't need your personal -- wait. Do you mean you won't tell me if you're the person I'm looking for or not?
PC: I won't tell you anything about myself.
Me: . . .


hetrez: Say something in Russian.
lustorless: [in Russian]
hetrez: What does that mean?
lustorless: "Oh my god, a watermelon ate my ass."
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