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drunk dumbo
aiminglow86 wrote in metaquotes
dramacomic is thinking about the children. Really.

On a completely unrelated note, Bush, way to make great use of your veto there, so that all those stem cells will be safe and medical researchers can go back to developing more drugs to treat serious diseases like erectile dysfunction. After all, trying to cure Parkinson's is hardly worthwhile, and it's important that those embryos survive so that they can eventually be shot in the face by Dick Cheney.

Q Dubya P, F-locked, blah, blah, blah..

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I like the word "veto."

Cheney's never gonna live that down, is he?

What? He was over it two hours after.

Over it? He was never worried about it. Couldn't care less about anything but money.

Now that Bush has given Angela Merkel a Texan Massage, Dick might be enjoying some attention-shifting.

Those cells will be very safe from those eeeevil medical researchers... until they're dumped in the incinerator a couple weeks from now. Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid STUPID stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid STUPID POLICY.

Hee. Reminds me of a Margaret Cho bit: "What kind of priorities do we have, in science, with Viagra, like, 'hmm, well we could find a cure for AIDS, or for cancer ... no, we need more hard ons.'"

Ok, that's just an awesome burn.

be nice. they'll only get shot in the face if they're stupid enough to go hunting with him.

unless he decides he really does like the taste of human flesh and not just souls.

No no no, see, that's why you leave a bundle of sticks (cleverly glamoured to look like a lump of cells) in the petri dish! The idiots humans no really, idiots baby-savers will never know the difference!

Dumbo love!

Pink elephants on parade...the creepiest scene from a Disney movie ever...

*kicks Bush square in the teeth with steeltoed pixie boots*

Icon says it all. Douchwaffle. Only 915 days till he goes away!

God that's depressing.

I'm forgoing snark here to ask something seriously: Do most people not realize that there are more types of stem cells than embryonic? That manipulation of adult and cord and neural stem cells, and the study of cancer stem cells, could also potentially save or improve millions of lives?


I'm all for embryonic stem cell research too, and I think Bush is a drooling idiot, but, so much of the press is focusing on the buzz word embryo... How about focusing on the kind of stem cells that we can study now that could make a difference? Anyone? Buller?

They'd rather save the babies. Because dumping them in the trash is a much more humane fate than being used for research to cure and prevent disease in millions of people.

I don't think anyone who is so against stem cell research has ever researched what stem cells *are* in the first place. Bush tends to ignore any facts that go against his version of the truth.

Stem cells are a series of tubes.

Yes, adult stem cells are interesting things, and many of the opponents of embryonic research have been saying much the same thing- But it really seems like, for the most part, a disingenuous rhetorical tactic.

I'd like to see one of these interest groups find some scientists, write a grant, and say "Here is a massive bushel of money- go research umbilical stem cells."

well, but embryonic stem cells are, as far as I understand, much more plentiful, easier to acquire, and easier to use in research. Yes, there are adult stem cells, but if they were such a simple solution, then why the push to allow the use of embryonic ones?

*headdesks violently*

The quote, pure gold. Bush's veto, not pure gold. More like pure bullshit.

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