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Death of a Furby
ifeedformula wrote in metaquotes
ladydyani brings on teh funny again.

When my daughter was three, we somehow managed to beat the other people away and get her a Furby for Christmas. (Remember how popular those were? And how hard they were to find?)

She opens it Christmas morning, and is absolutely delighted. After presents are finished, I'm in the kitchen, cleaning up the breakfast dishes. She's taking Furby around and showing him the house. I hear "This is the living room." Step, step, step. "This is the kitchen." Step, step, step. "This is the bathroom." Pause. "Go potty." SPLASH!

She dropped poor Furby in the toilet. I suppose dropped is the wrong word. Shoved would be more appropriate.

After a painstaking drying, he did manage to work again, but for the rest of his life, he would randomly blurt out odd sounds every once in a while.

Poor Furby.

The context has been savaged by a small child

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That's freaky. My neice has this little bear that sings and says random things, and out of nowhere one night he goes "Peek-a-boo, I SEE YOU!". I totally did not jump two feet.

Your icon...

Snape's on a plane?

Years ago, my aunt came over to visit with her little boy and they brought this Big Bird toy that would go 'peek-a-boo!' in the creepiest voice ever.

It was incredibly sensitive to noise, light, and the evil whims of the devil. So, yeah, walking through the house at night? 'Peeek-a-booo!'

Sitting and talking to friends? 'Peeeek-a-booo!'


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