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A quote from thewriter0, who rocks so very much.

Now, if only those "live nude webcam" sites would quit soliciting me. Or at least figure out that "hi i'm jen cum see me have sex 4 the first time!!!1!" is not a sexy line in any definition of the word "sexy", unless your dictionary lists "sexy" as "cheap, annoying, and poorly punctuated". My dictionary, by the way, does not.

I like girls, sure. But I prefer them un-lobotomized.

On a slightly related topic which came up while talking to Haru not long ago: wouldn't boys in a Live Nude Webcam environment be hilarious? And I mean in a fashion that attempts to cater to women the way most porn caters to men. Sadly, I don't think it would work as well. "hi I'm the 30 Second Cowboy! Cum see me have sex 4 the first time!!1! i think it was sex, tho actualy I didnt even get my pants off!!1!!1!"

It's just not the same.
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