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A simple discussion about putting down the toilet seat expands to include... kittens

misslynx: I'm fairly insistent on having not just the seat but the actual lid put down, because otherwise it is entirely too likely for things to fall into it. Including, once, my youngest cat.

Have you ever tried to pursue a pee-soaked, panicking ball of furry ninja death equipped with 20 razor-sharp claws through your apartment, apprehend her, carry her back into the very room where she got wet, and shampoo her?

On the bright side, (a) urine is sterile, and (b) by some miracle I did not require stitches afterwards, though I did have to spend considerabel quality time with a bottle of peroxide, a tube of Polysporin, and many small Band-aids.

pixel: No, but I did have to chase a cat with green hair dye coating one paw across the white porcelain sink, white porcelain clawfoot tub and across the white linoleum before he reached the hardwood floors.

Ironically the toilet does come into this. I couldn't figure out how to bath a snarling cat's feet well enough to get the hair dye off without slicing myself to ribbons. So I tossed him in the toilet and stood on the lid, flushing it twice. Since he had nowhere to stand but in the swirling water, his foot got good and clean, and I was relatively safe. After I let him out he sulked under the couch for a good long time though. :)

In the middle of the night, context falls in and gets wet.
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