Tyrant of the Muses (mother_of_muse) wrote in metaquotes,
Tyrant of the Muses

Soccer thoughts from whererainfalls

Even handed but funny comments about head butting.

From this rant.

Perhaps the FIFA would be well served to stop it’s pretentious posturing and chest thumping, and take a good, hard look at the conduct that it’s sanctioning on the field with this verbal fouling they ignore. If Zidane is stripped of his MVP (which would be a disgrace to soccer if they do), then Materazzi should be banned for a season. Sorry. But fair is fair. The agent provocateur should have his punishment doled out, right alongside his “attacker”. We know that words have the power of a blow, and a repetitive insult of such loathsome content is as powerful as a punch. Shame on Italy for not knowing when to shut up and count their blessings. Shame on Zidane for allowing himself to be goaded by that little pissant. Shame on FIFA for not demanding sportsmanlike conduct in both word and deed.

And if Materazzi is really that jealous of Zidane’s trophy, maybe the Hollywood Foreign Press guys can give him an honorary Golden Globe for Best Performance by a Jerk in a Calculated Role. Not that he deserves any honor, for his behavior. But his wounded act was entertaining…if not sportsmanlike.

Both players deserve punishment, but it’s likely only one will get it.
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