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captainsblog doesn't get it.

1. Sixty-three games, endless suspense, more acting than on Oscar Night and more diving than in Titanic, and the winning team winds up being ranked..... second?!? With Brazil still ranked first despite losing in the quarterfinals? This is the perfect Buffalo sport, if that's how it works. The Bills and Sabres, if anything, would have OVERqualified for the #1 ranking by finishing second and third so often.


4. Penalty kicks:: soccer= ____________:: baseball
(a) Home run derby (b) Beauty contest
(c) Intentional walk (d) Keyser Soze

5. Compute the following:
Lim f(t) = ______
t -->∞

Where t equals the number of orange slices on the planet increasing exponentially relative to the number of soccer afficionados.

Flocked, P received W which to Q, the context speaks for itself.
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