Invert Sugar (montrealais) wrote in metaquotes,
Invert Sugar

mythomaniac on same-sex marriage - now with muppets

From queer_rage, QWP:

Dear allies in an opposite-sex relationship,

Let's say your name is Miss Piggy, soon to be Mrs Piggy. You're out with Kermit and Gonzo, and you've invited your friends Bert and Ernie along to the grooviest club in all of Sesame Street. But they won't let Bert and Ernie in, because of OMG teh GaY.

Pop quiz - I hope you've all studied chapter one.

a) "Kiss our furry orange asses, fuckers. I hope the Cookie Monster eats you alive."

b) "B&E can entertain themselves. Don't look now, but there's a banana in your ear."

If you choose to get married in a country that doesn't allow gay marriage, you leave Bert and Ernie out in the freezing cold to watch the party through a window.

Every time you use your hetero privilege, God kills a Jim Henson creation.

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