Nic White (nicwhite86) wrote in metaquotes,
Nic White

homais continues his travels in Syria.

Locals, like most people, tend to like it if you say nice things about their country, so I said (honestly), in Arabic, "Oh, it's the best place to study. There are good programs, and it's very nice for a poor student like me." I beamed.

"No, it's not," the man said flatly. "Lebanon is much better, and very beautiful. You should go there."

Lebanon? I looked at my interlocutors a little more carefully. They were about twenty, excruciatingly attractive, with designer Italian clothes and hair that must have taken an hour to spike just-so. Some Damascenes dress in a similar way, but only the Lebanese can be that fruity and that macho at the same time and somehow have it work. If they were Lebanese, as I now suspected, then I'd really put my foot in it. It's like telling an Armenian that actually, I think Turkey's a much better place than your little country, thankyouverymuch. I tried to backtrack by throwing some compliments.

Read the whole thing.
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