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Limozeen, they ain't.

ladysoleil clears her own very high bar of Funny while admitting to youthful musical aspirations and indiscretions .

Would this be a good time or a bad time to admit that I was briefly a member of a fake band called Hot Meat Injection way back in high school?

My role was semi-ceremonial, if we ever recorded anything I think my job was to be the band slut and roll around on the hood of a car a'la Tawny Kitaen. This assumed that someone in the band would also eventually own a car. I also owned the guitar, so I guess if we'd ever done something I would have had some value to the budding supergroup.

For good or ill, after a falling out, HMI broke up and some of the original members (me, and my then boyfriend) went on to form Mueslix, a death metal band who worshipped fiber and Satan.

Mueslix actually did record an EP that I wish I still had a copy of, because it was hilariously wrong on multiple levels. Our "hit" single was called "Cereal Killer" and was a four minute micro-rock opera about a psychopath who preyed on various breakfast food mascots. We then followed it up with a touching love ballad entitled, "Baby, if I Could Lick Myself (I Wouldn't Need You...)"

Said musical opus was guaranteed to make the group laugh until nearly wetting themselves until tragedy struck and the demo tape was eaten by my stereo, at which point we realized that like the drunken idiots we were, we'd all neglected to dub another copy. And so, my first album has been lost to history.

There is on context, only Zuul.
Entry is F.O, and permission was obtained using only humane torture techniques.

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