Wolfychan (wolfychan) wrote in metaquotes,

Made for a man... strong enough for "Sex with X"!

wolf_sounds considers deodorant brand names.

If they're going to give names to deodorants that will entice consumers, yet have nothing to do with the actual scent, why don't they use names that people associate with sweating?

I'll give you some examples. Let's go with women first:
"Yelling at 4 Kids While Making Dinner"
"The Boss Grabbed My Left Boob"
"Fabio-lookalike Just Winked At Me"
"Soccer Mom. 'Nuff Said"
"Going Clubbing"
"Wearing a Sweater in Alabama in the Middle of July"
and "Cute Guy Down the Hall Needs to Borrow a Hammer".

And the men:
"Just Ran From the Cops"
"12 Hour Sex Marathon" (Name too long? Shorten it to "Sex with X")
"No, Honey, I Can Fix the Plumbing Myself"
"Dude, I Just Grabbed Her Left Boob"
"Of Course I Can Make It Through That Puddle, I've Got 4-Wheel Drive"
"She Said She was 18"
"Stuck With My Woman in the Middle of the Lingerie Section"
and my personal favorite, "Hey, Gamer...USE ME!!!"

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