can't you see her life is broken (herlifeisbroken) wrote in metaquotes,
can't you see her life is broken


Using the wisdom of the best fad of the early 80s and applying it to today. Totally brilliant post from mulberry_fields here:

1) What are they trying to govern on, sheer balls? That's a rhetorical question. Say you trashed your neighbor Inky's house. On your way there, your other neighbors Blinky and Pinky tried unsuccessfully to stop you. Later, when you were in charge of hiring someone to fix what was left of the house, would you ban Blinky and Pinky's companies from getting the contracts because they didn't want you to trash it in the first place? Well, OK, say you did that. Next day, would you show up at Blinky and Pinky's door asking for contributions?*


* your name in this little parable? Stinky. Stinky, Stinky, Stinky.
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