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canadianevil's family has some interesting religious practices

Because mice are demonic, yanno

The Great Mouse Exorcism
So about ten minutes ago, my brother banged on my door and yelled 'CHLOE! WE GOTTA CHASE MICE!'

I was like '', turned off my Rammstein, and headed downstairs, wondering loudly WHY we had to chase mice, HOW we were going to chase mice, and WHERE we were going to chase mice to.

Well, surprised was I when I came into the living room and Father Mark was standing there in his epatrichelion, holy water out, and everyone's around him. Apparently, we were doing a mouse exorcism.

Well, booyah.

I had a hard time not laughing through the prayers. Especially because my mother gave me the most disapproving look, like 'WHY ARE YOU DOUBTING THIS? MICE CAN BE CHASED OUT THROUGH PRAYER!'

I survived, though. And then Father Mark went around and sprinkled everywhere with holy water- most panicked room cleaning ever, by the way- and that was that.

The power of Christ compels 'em. Out, out, you damned rodents.

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