unconcerned, but not indifferent (slowmotionrain) wrote in metaquotes,
unconcerned, but not indifferent

sexysmeagol hates MORE FM ...

Today was spent serving the grubby people of Palmerston North. ALL the stores and cafes around here seem to play the same radio station (More FM). they play it at the store I work at and it seriously makes life painful. They basically alternate between Shania Twain, Danial Powter (I'll give him a fucking bad day!) and three different Nickelback songs that sound exactly the same. That's it. OH and that "Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with semen in my hair" or whatever the fuck it's called. That's their latest favourite. I've heard it at least 4 times today.

Anyway, at lunchtime I go and meet Matt at a local cafe. We meet at the same place every day. It's a nice place. We go so much that the staff actually know us. If I go in alone I get interrogated as to where my boyfriend is.

So I go in today and lo and behold, good old MORE FM is blasting it's way out of the speakers. And then suddenly...a new voice! Yes their playing MEATLOAF! How exciting. This is the desperate situation I'm in. I'm so tired of it all that I get excited by Meatloaf just because he's not Chad Kroeger. So he's singing away "You took the words right out of my mooouuuuth" and I'm happily chomping on my chicken salad sandwich. Suddenly Matthew gets so excited by the situation that he lets his toe tapping get out of hand and sings out in the middle of the cafe..


Suddenly Nickelback doesn't seem so bad.

QWP. Context is the new black.

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