breathe her deep and smile (girlandetc) wrote in metaquotes,
breathe her deep and smile

two funnies from babb_chronicles latest:

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON THE ONLY THING THAT I KNOW FOR SURE RIGHT NOW IS THAT TODO WE ARE NOT IN KANUS ANYMORE (meaning your not home but some where you don’t want to be you wanted your life to be normal again)

which is funny enough as it is, and then fenellaevangela pipes up with:

2- I will give you this. While the line "Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore!" is very recognizable, "TODO WE ARE NOT IN KANUS ANYMORE" is not from any film or novel I've ever read. I've never seen Kansas misspelled quite like that before.


“I’m Going to Britain for the whole summer and if my parents like it there were probably moving there; we are already citizens of Britain. OH BOY!(sacristy) So yah Britain is my summer in this little neighborhood with proper people that like tea not teens that like Green Day and blasting music, yelling and jumping on the trampoline and running in circles and plaing with friends” Liz looked so surpised that she just stood there staring at you with a look of OMG WTF.

and then anguis_1 says:
OH BOY!(sacristy)
WOW!(apse) COOL!(nave)
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