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A succinct view of what movies are NOT doing

From Ginmar's "A View From a Broad"

"Anyhoo, these movies all feature Young Men with A Quest, whereas women's quests all seem to be for outfits, boys, and themselves. Guys always get the higher causes, and the intangible quests. How come? Oh, wait, never mind. Light dawns. Because those guys could't have a quest without women packing the Questing Lunch Bag and Suit case and doing the Questing Laundry before they took off. Questing is a guy's business.

"I want to see a movie about a woman on a journey who doesn't die at the end. I want to see her learn martial arts and shit and not be anorexic with tits the size of my head. I want to see her travel and find herself and lots of weapons. I want to see her appreciate other women, too, and them her. I want her to kick the crotchety old fart who still thinks he's Han Solo, and I want her fairy godmother to be some butt-kicking grandma like Missouri Mosley from Supernatural. You know how your mom could read minds and you hated it? Somehow that's cool in a fairy godmother. Maybe this quest is to recconect with our mothers, from whom we were driven by a patriarchy that sets women, even mothers and daughters, against one another."

Full post is here: http://ginmar.livejournal.com/788490.html


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