Rafe (etcet) wrote in metaquotes,

marchenland tells of the surreality to be found in an elevator.

Today, I am wearing a baby-doll t-shirt with a skull and crossed cutlasses, a gray bandanna covering my shaved head, my dreads in pigtails, a pair of capri breeches, b&w stripes socks, and my Skechers bike shoes, which look like ballet flats which look similar to these linked but have elastic on them and are the MOST comfortable shoes I have ever worn). In short, I am about 90% pirated out.

As I walked into the lobby to go to my office, there was a guy standing in the lobby right in front of an open elevator. Youngish, normal clothing, but with his hair up in a top-knot and shaved all around. Everything about him screamed "I work for Qqest!" As i walked into the lobby, he just... froze and stared at me. It wasn't like he was checking me out -- more like he was just completely thrown off his guard by me. He stared me down as I approached the elevator, which was open with the UP light on, and asked when I got close to him, "Are you going up?" I confirmed that I was, indeed, going up, and we both entered the elevator.

He pushed 3, confirming the Qqest guess, then leaned against the wall, looked at me very seriously, and asked, "Are you a real pirate?"

I started to laugh, while pressing 2, and said, "Yarr!," then conspiratorially added, "Actually, I'm a ninja in disguise."

I looked over at him, expecting him to smile at that. No. He responded, with the gravity of someone asking if you meant what you said about the world ending in 3 minutes, "Are you really?"

At this point, we're approaching my floor, and I smile and say, "No, you can see me, so I must not be a ninja. I suppose I just have piratical days," and he nodded sagely, like I'd just explained the 8th wonder of the universe.

I disembarked from the elevator, utterly squicked out.

This story is 100% true.

Public, but Quoted With Persimmons.
There is no context, only Zuul.

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