Lunalelle (lunalelle) wrote in metaquotes,

iulia_linnea shares some snark for breakfast:

Dear Downstairs Neighbors,

Please play another song, any song. The song you always play---loudly and at all hours---will soon drive me to kill you.

P.S. I didn't mean that song.

Dear Jogger,

Black on black is not a good look for you when you're illegally running in the middle of the parkway before sunrise. Forgive my offensive break-squealing.

Dear Appallingly Large Spider Dangling at Eye Level in Front of My Door,

Remember the rule, arachnid: in the house is under the shoe!

Dear Downstairs Neighbors,

I'm warning you: I know where I can download Barney and Friends songs, and I'm not afraid to play them.

Context, flocked, QWP

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