velocityboy (velocityboy) wrote in metaquotes,

Attention all members, viewers, lurkers and posters:

We have had a vast number of incorrectly formatted posts over the past week, moreso in such a time period than I've seen since coming onto the mod staff back in, what November...? I gently urge everyone, old and new, lurker & poster alike, to read through our rules one good time. We want everyone to enjoy metaquotes, and we want to maintain its standards (even if for a broad number, we've tweaked those some since you last posted).

The greatest problems we're running into fall into three categories: 1) people quoting funny stuff that originated in instant messenger conversations (those belong in our sister community, imquotes); 2) people continuing to give us their posting history, the story behind the funny, the definition of key words or the encyclopedic arcana required for the quote to work... all of which breach Rule #9 (Keep explanations & intros in your title lines only. There's no need to ask for brevity... the character limit is set at 100 for all title lines everywhere on LJ... therefore if your explanation/self-quip/non-sequitor is in the title, all we should see in the body is the quote, the name of the person quoted, and QWP/context. Your context alone should answer most queries...); and 3) the few folks who still do not get that we are in the business of quoting the amateur funny here (no professionals), we don't like recycled comedy from years long gone (unless you're discussing tales your grandparents told, and they weren't George Burns & Gracie...), and it is beyond tacky to quote yourself. selfquotes is the place for that.

I heartily thank everyone who has already gotten the rules down, everyone who has erred & fixed their troubled quotes quickly and in such a friendly manner, and everyone to whom we are just now meeting. Welcome to metaquotes! Bring the funny (and we'll save your humor for posterity).

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