robingal1 (robingal1) wrote in metaquotes,

deredere is back at the office...

It's a Thursday. I am currently sitting in my little gray box staring at my computer wondering why it isn't Friday. It's been almost 8 hours, and I am bored. It would seem to many as they pass by my office that I am currently working. They like to quickly jump to conclusions.  Why else would I subject myself to this evil. Ha! I have fooled everyone! 

Work? What’s that? I don’t work! I am above such menial tasks. I create art in the brilliant disguise of work. Yes, I do. That is the wonderment of ME! 

Many artists go unappreciated while they are alive.  So, years from now when I am ashes blowing in the wind, the
attendant care form that I processed today will be worth millions!  That will be my legacy.  Damn. 

Is it Friday yet?  

QWP, F-locked post.


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