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The Pentagon had a "brilliant" idea to disrupt enemy troups by turning enemy combatants gay...

gehayi made me giggle tonight.


I can just picture the entire battlefield writhing in an orgy. And soldiers ripping off their gas masks so that they could join in.

And this would become the new Agent Orange! "I was straight when I went to [Wherever], but then the Pentagon turned me gay!" There would be so many angry and upset wives and husbands. And there would be demonstrations, too, because the G.I. medical insurance didn't cover forced conversion to homosexuality.

Soldiers from both sides would appear on Jerry Springer. The Enquirer and the Star, not to mention the Weekly World News, would have a field day.

And then the Pentagon would have trouble telling who had been exposed and who hadn't. The whole "don't ask, don't tell" principle SO would not work.

And someone would come up with a Purple Penis medal, for being converted in action. (For women, it would be the Violet Vagina, I think, to remain in keeping with the whole "Purple Heart" theme. )

Context, and QWP/unlocked post.

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