"OK - I attack the darkness!" (_skye_) wrote in metaquotes,
"OK - I attack the darkness!"

Ok, so if you had only a couple of bucks, but a big pile of stuff you wanted blown up...

My friend pyrotech_c3h8 is having a party. I think the appropriate words are "I have a bad feeling about this..."

I have an upcoming need to really ruin a whole lot of shit on a limited budget. Let's look at the facts and the things I do have to my advantage...

- A welder
- Various lengths of metal that I am not doing anything with
- A strong belief that anything the city puts out on the streets, even if it is secured by several feet of concrete, is up for grabs. It's just that some of it is slightly less up for grabs than other stuff, depending on the amount of concrete.
- A girlfriend who is understanding of my propensity for destroying large amounts of things under circumstances that do not promote safety
- Several friends who make my desire for destruction look pale by comparison.

Added emphasis mine, QWP. It's gettin' hot in here, let's take off all our context...

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