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Ha, amphritie had to go through the horrors of the Sixth Grade Play, and left with this:

last friday, lewis and clark were turning in their graves, or quite possibly, break-dancing, becasue their memories and legacy and all that stuff they left to the American people pretty much went down the tubes at my Small Sister's sixth-grade musical.

Small Sister(the tallest person onstage): leeeewis and claaark! amer-i-can men!!
Several Tiny People of Indeterminate Gender Dressed as Prairie Dogs: Bark! Squeak!
Many Dozen Tiny Humanoids Wearing 'Pioneer Clothes':leeeegacyyy!!
Girl-ish Tiny Human, dressed as "Thacajawaya": Im-a-gine me! Lea-der of men! As we tra-vel on..the dus-ty plains! *promptly forgets the rest of the words to the song and just stands there while the music keeps playing*

I know her pain all too well

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