Yes, I Have One (supremegoddess1) wrote in metaquotes,
Yes, I Have One

BPAL is duh debil!

shadesong is exploring the joys of BPAL:

Black Forest: This is the captured scent of a cold, moonless night, lost deep within the darkest wood. Haunting and desolate, this scent evokes images of fairy tale tragedy and half-remembered nightmares. Thick, viscous pine with ambergris, black musk, juniper and cypress.

In bottle: Yep. There's trees in that there bottle.

On me: Wooooyeah. Many trees. It's not the pine that's predominant on me. Juniper and cypress do battle for dominance, finally giving up and having sex, intermingling happily. Oh, hey, there's some pine and musk in the afterglow!

No one tree-scent is truly predominant. It truly is like being in a forest. At night. This is nice. Adam's not sure if he likes it. "Smells like nature," he says. "I can't smell the city!" Poo on city-dweller Adam. I love it.

QWP'd, in a very smell-y post

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