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that's one pervasive rap

thebaconfat describes her trip to the zoo in this public post.

We also saw butterflies and a HILARIOUS LLAMA, and made fun of the naked mole rats. (I spent the rest of the day with Ron Stoppable's "Naked Mole Rap" stuck in my head. I once had to work an entire eight-hour shift with the Naked Mole Rap in my head. Do you have any idea what that's like?

ME: Hi there, can I help you find anything today?
CUSTOMER: Well, I'm looking for this certain type of chocolate that comes from special cocoa beans cultivated by an ancient order of cocoa monks --
MY BRAIN: I heard Smarty-Mart was havin' a sale on a hairless pink rodent with a long skinny tail
CUSTOMER: -- and I looked everywhere else but I need to find this one kind of chocolate, it's for my aunt, she's turning 90 and if she eats any other kind of chocolate she throws a fit --
MY BRAIN: He said, "You know this pet's hairless?" I said I couldn't care less!
CUSTOMER: -- and attacks the rest of the family, shrieking like a demented banshee, weilding her dentures like ninja throwing stars --
MY BRAIN: Handed him to me, said, "Be careful, don't drop it, and do you want this cage?" "No, I'll keep him in my pocket!"
CUSTOMER: -- and anyway, I think it's got a German name.
MY BRAIN: What is that, that freaky thing? Yes, that's right, it's a naked mole rat.
ME: We don't have that kind of chocolate here at [Store Name]. We only sell [Store Name] chocolate. ...Because we're a [Store Name] store.
CUSTOMER: I don't think you understand. She's ninety.
MY BRAIN: C'mon y'all, I can't hear the girlies sing! Listen to the Naked Mole Rap!
ME: ....
ME: ...I'm going to take my lunch now.

...So really, it's just like any other shift. Uh. Anyway.)

i hate it when that happens. QWP.

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