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you know, the lion king is an underrated source of humour.

from throughadoor's journal. qwp.

...when it was revealed that there was a VHS copy of the lion king IN OUR HOUSE, well. last night, we all lay down in front of the rotating fan and cooperated with the inevitable.

some things that escaped my notice about this movie when i was eleven, partially because at that time i lacked the ability to see into the future:

1. scar is gay.
2. simba's time spent in exile: yeah, you know, i sort of dropped out for a while and i was living with this gay guy and this retarded guy, except sometimes i couldn't tell which one was which, you know how it is, they were bug-eaters vegetarians, and we smoked a lot of weed (hakuna matata: it means "tune in, turn on, drop out"), and i started going my by rastafarian name, and one time i did a bunch of acid and i thought i was talking to my dead father, and then i decided it was time to get my life back on track and rule the fucking pride rock finish my liberal arts degree.
3. simba's rastafarian name was obviously: stryder.
4. realizing that robert guillaume is the voice for rafiki makes the episode of sports night where issac gets dana the lion king musical tickets really funny in retrospect.
5. really, a beautiful movie about the fragile balance of ecology, including some healthy controlled burning at the end!


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