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Students quote Hitler. School apologizes. Read the quotes here first. quintessenceanx responds:

NOTE: The reason this annoys me is because both quotes have their arguments. I have always felt that strength is the ability to succeed. So different people are strong in different ways, and they all succeed at some arbitrary goal. The latter is most definitely true, his entire career is based of it. It is history. To not acknowledge history is to fall victim to it when it happens again. Don't want to admit it happened? Fine. But when it happens again, and we may very well be the aggressors this time, whose fault will it be? Our own. Deny how Hitler succeeded, and allow others to succeed again.
That and the latter is excellent advice... We have had so many people that the only reason that it is looked down upon is its source. "..the..." There, not only did I quote Hitler and Stalin, but Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. The quotes included didn't include anything derogatory. If the students are not skinheads, perhaps they are just well educated and trying to show people how we have been defiled in the past and assist a better future? Why not just change source the quote to "unknown"? So many people say things so similar to that, and I'm sure that Hitler didn't write in English, so there would even be differences between various translations. Then people would read, acknowledge, learn, not be reminded of their past if that's what they want, and it wouldn't be in the news. I guess all I wanted to point out was: learn from mistakes, don't deny them

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