Alex (almosthonest) wrote in metaquotes,

A novel preface to a tech question on livejournal_uk spawns funky comment answers...

laserpubes: I'm having difficulty interfacing my flux capacitor with the positronic matrix in my computer. Earlier on I installed some new dilithium crystals to try and power the thing but now I think this red one one has a bad motivator. There's approximately 40 gigaquad of space on my new holodeck, but I can't get the damn thing to work.

I'm running out of space on my 2 HDDs so I tried to fit a new 80gb drive that I had lying around. My C drive is 20gb and internal, [ stuff....]

daz71: Set up the two hard drives, without the USB or the CD/RW. I would recommend that you configer the jumpers [ stuff....]

If the above fails there's a small exhaust port on the perimeter, a small, acurately placed proton charge from a small fighter should target the main reactor. If the above does work then your system will become more powerful then you could possibly imagine.

QWP from here - I recommend the rest of the comments too, for equal amounts of double-geek!

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