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My Very First Meta

Cut for length.

A Few Minutes in My Life -

Starring: darksky23 - Owner Human
May - Cat Earth-bound goddess
DragonFly - Cat Southern Belle, forced to suffer living in a house with other beings
Cody - Cat Cat.
Kamyrin - Cat I hate-a you alla so verreh, verreh much.
Tennessee - Dog Companion of the human, determined girlfriend of May, all around goofball

Location: Human's kitchen

Cats, in chorus: ZOMG Mom, we're thirsty!
darksky23: But, I just...
Cats, in chorus, with some a bit off key: Thirsty
darksky23: ... the dog drank it all, didn't she?
Tenn: *tilts her head* Thirsty?
darksky23: *refills water bowl* Now, Tenn, let the cats drink first.
Tenn: *drinks* Thirsty, thirsty, thirsty.
May: *swats at the dog* Hey, watch it!
Kamyrin: *growls* Back up off me, bitch.
DragonFly: *sighs* I'm surrounded by idiots.
Cody: *slowly backs away from all the estrogen* Mrrow?
darksky23: *calls Tenn* C'mere, girl!
Tenn: *bounds towards [info]darksky23* Yes, mom? *bounce* Hi, are we gonna go play?
Cats: *swarm the abandoned water dish*
Tenn: *hears the movement* Oh, look, the cats have water! I'm thirsty!
Tenn: *runs for the water dish, slides across the wood floor, sloshes a majority of the water out of the dish*
Cats: *scatter*
darksky23: *facepalm*
Scene: *repeats*

No Longer Friend's locked, still QWP. Here's the link

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