Start from scratch. It was never real. (sevenpapermen) wrote in metaquotes,
Start from scratch. It was never real.

"If this semester were an ice cream flavor it would be pralines and dick." dreamallday

"my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

damn right.

so what do you think she means by "milkshake"? I think it's the jiggle of the mammary glands... get it? milk-shake?" serialkiller (Also one of my favorite people to be metaquoted. This woman does not hold back and she says some of the funniest shit.)

"box of Contact cold medicine: $5.99
cough syrup: $4.49
the look on Josh's face after I coughed so hard it propelled a *very* loud fart out of my ass: priceless" serialkiller

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