The Ronin Esper (cmzero) wrote in metaquotes,
The Ronin Esper

ursulav ponders what her personal hell would be like:

Hell's printer is huge and dribbles black ink on everything, like an incontinent mechanical ogre. Every sheet of paper is your last, and the printer cartridges are always on their last gasp. The stray hairs that get into any printer and made little ink flecks are, in hell, twice as numerous, and carried by leperous rats with the faces of debauched bishops, who dash between the carriages and rub their bodies ecstatically against the printer heads, leaving hairy clots of ink behind.

Really, you should just read the whole thing. However, momentrabbit was not satisfied letting that stand on its own, and queried:

So, essentially, you will be a servant of the Prints of Darkness?

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