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An ode to Paris Hilton...

"Ah, Paris Hilton, yet another typhoid mary for the teenage anorexia scene.

How you distract me from more practical matters. I have not thought about the political situation or the war or the president in quite some time. Your airbrushed presence has demanded my attention from the walls of abandoned buildings. Next to your charming co-host. The overalls jauntily opened to show the small but perfect breast. If I watched TV I would tune in to The Simple Life to chortle with millions of other Americans at your well moisturized antics.

With millions of others I watched you in night vision, working that cock in the illicitly distributed video. How we waited tensely for the download. Watching the bits fall into place on our file sharing programs. I wouldn't kick you out of bed Paris. Not for eating crackers. No siree.

Why should I care about Bush? You have none. Just you and your cell phone. That's all we need.

If they really wanted me to care about the world, they'd put it on a reality show.

But I have you.

And that's all we need.

And there's more where you came from.


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