gwalla (gwalla) wrote in metaquotes,

In dreams

From fadethecat
A more coherent dream than usual, last night. Batman had moved into a nice little suburban house in the northwest, and moved the essential functions of his Batcave into a sunny office room in the house. Lots of high windows with white curtains and dark blue carpet: very pretty. The problem was people kept finding out he was Batman, and had to be recruited to keep them from telling.

So he started with two assistants--me and someone else--but by halfway through the dream he was running out of room in the Batcave, and all his new helpers kept accidentally spouting information or wearing costumes while answering the door for the UPS guy or whatnot, which meant the numbers kept growing. Two of them were doing a song-and-dance number with Batman-themed mops when the new janitor hired to keep up with the mess of some dozen people in the house came to the door: he took a picture, they tackled him, by the next day there was a new member.
More here. Featuring rabbit-walking.

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