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said by the wonderful stir_of_echoes, a note about writing fanfiction on the try and how to avoid stupid men reading over your shoulder.


There was a huge delay on the train journey home so I thought I'd write some more of the fic I was working on but alas men seem to have this strange habit of wanting to read over your shoulder if you happen to be writing on a train.

And this guy didn't even try and hide the fact. After five minutes or so it was becoming really annoying and poor Spike was having performance anxiety, what with the audience and all, so...

I turned my head towards him and asked him nicely for his opinion,

Me: "so, you think we need lubricant?"

Nosy twat: "Excuse me?"

Me: *points to written work* "Well, I know they've already done it several times but he is kinda big and I thought if he just rammed it home then it's probably gonna hurt some. So what do you think, lubricant or not?"

Nosy twat: you know he didn't even have the decency to share his thought's, you'd think considering he'd been interested enough to read it he'd at least have an opinion but oh, no he just went blood red, coughed and scooted over to the window seat without a word.

*shrugs shoulders*

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