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bachelorettia vs. Brain

Last night I had dinner with Hai Phung, which was lovely, and we had beers and burgers and I was full after that but then she started talking about dessert and I was all, "ooo blueberry crumb pie" and pfft.

Brain: You don't need that pie. Don't get it.
Me: But I want it. And HP is getting key lime pie.
Brain: HP weighs 95 pounds. You weigh... not 95 pounds.
Me: Are you calling me fat?
Brain: Probably.
Me: You hurt my feelings. Now I need to sublimate my angst with pie.
Brain: Fuck you!
Me: Piiiiiiiiie.

See how I won that? Except not really.


I also have a new zit. I shall call it "Brain's Revenge."

OMGQWPPIE (locked post)

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