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"School is fucking me right now. Actually, it's gone beyond fucking. Hamilton is raping me. Anally raping me. With a broom handle.

I was walking across campus today and there was this huge banner that said "Rape Happens Here." Yeah, it really does. Rape in the form of papers."


"This morning I was assaulted with a school bus. I was driving along, minding my own business, when this.. this.. ninja school bus came out of nowhere and cut in front of me. I was all "noooooo!" shaking my fist, for I was late, and had no time to mess with being behind a school bus. But NoooOoOOOooo, he thinks because he's a school bus he has the right of way and can jump in front of me. He thinks because he's a school bus, his journey is far more important than my own. He thinks just because he's a school bus that I must yield to his almighty bus power. KNEEL BEFORE TEH FLASHING STOP SIGN OF DOOOOOOOOM, PUNY MORTAL! FOR I AM A SCHOOL BUS, AND WHEN I SAY STOP, YOU STOP! YOOOOOOOOOU! SHALL NOT PAAAAAAAASSSSS!

Fuck you, school bus.

Better now.

In other news, the rhythm is still trying to get me.

Maybe the rhythm drives the school bus.

I thought I heard conga drums. Fuck you too, rhythm."


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