The Esoteric Science Resource Center (sclerotic_rings) wrote in metaquotes,
The Esoteric Science Resource Center

Qrazy Quetzacoatl

Trust srallen to note the insanity of looted Maya artifacts being bought "in good faith":
"That's right, folks! Qrazy Quetzalcoatl says everything must go, so we've been slashing our prices with a bloodlust! We've got jade, gold, turquoise and wait'll you see what we've got for you over here. Your very own Mayan funerary mural, it'll look great in your bathroom. Ordinarily we'd price this for $15,000 but, uh oh, y'hear that rumbling? Price-bustin' Tlaloc sez it can be yours for *KABAM!* $7,500! Still too much? Well don't forget about our easily Obsidian Credit plan, where you pay in easy installments. First we go for your heart... HA HA! Only kiddin' folks! Huitzilpochli told us so... or did he?"

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