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Our good friend siln has a new idea for the workplace:

I am considering an issue of office etiquette.

In the interest of productivity, and a healthy working environment, I feel it should be okay to let a co-worker know that the pictures of their children/neices/nephews are demoralizing the company.

Your children are not precious and unique. They are troglodytes who appear to be the unholy pairing of a drug-addicted chimpanzee, and Sloth from The Goonies. It pains me to say this as I understand that you do not realize that little Tara-Mae-Jade-Autumn-Moonbeam-Chelsea-McKayla The Third does not HAVE an "overbite". An "overbite" does not refer to the condition in which the top row of teeth hang over the chin. That is an unfortunate genetic abnormality that can only be described as "The End of Her Future Husband's Interest in Oral Sex". Why bring pictures of little Nosferatu into a place of business?

And how dare you allow Little Timmy to be subjected to public viewing? At least allow the poor little orc to ATTEMPT to grow into his skeletal structure before disclosing his unfortunate situation to the world.

Think of Little Timmy, assholes.

... I am so in trouble now.

QWPped from http://siln.livejournal.com/241782.html.

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