La Femme Crayola (annlarimer) wrote in metaquotes,
La Femme Crayola

From violetisblue:

Yahoo News, all day today and yesterday:


Zarqawi Dead
Zarqawi Really Dead
Boy, Is That Zarqawi Guy Dead
Zarqawi Incredibly Dead
Zarqawi Blowed Up Real Good
Zarqawi Not Entirely Dead At First
Zarqawi More Dead Than You Are Right Now
Zarqawi Not So Dead As, Say, FDR, But Hasn't Had As Much Practice Yet
Zarqawi, As Previously Implied, Dead
"I Heard That Zarqawi Guy Is Dead," Says Area Man, 67
Zarqawi Not Instantly Killed
Zarqawi Lingered a Second or Two Before Dying
Or a Few Minutes, Hours, Whatever
Zarqawi Not Completely Blowed Up Real Good After All, Dies on Stretcher
Zarqawi Blowed Up Real Good on Stretcher
I Just Said He Didn't Blow Up, a Stretcher Is Not a Bomb
How Do You Know It Isn't, Them Guys Over There Are Crafty
Look, Just Face It, He Didn't Blow Up
Why Do You Hate America
Why Are You Such a Moron
He Did So Blow Up
Did Not Either Blow Up
Did So
Did Not
The Red Zone Is for Loading and Unloading Only
I Hate You
Don't Make Me Turn This Stretcher Around
Zarqawi Definitely Dead, One Way or Another
Zarqawi Holding on in Fight to Remain Dead
Zarqawi Dead, Insert Seventy-Two Virgins Taunt Here
OMG U R So Sexist
Shut Up
Zarqawi Dead
Zarqawi Dead
Zarqawi Dead
Florida Scientists Find Link Between Tighter Buttocks, Cardiac Health

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