Silmaril (silmaril) wrote in metaquotes,

New Orleans calls with leighdb's voice

A three-part pictorial story (1) (2) (3) of Mardi Gras 2006, ending with:
Look. Here is a city - an American city, one of our own - that is unique in the world. It has brought us all, whether we've ever been there or not, sweet music and delicious food and culture and heritage and history and beauty and joy. And it needs your help.
It does not deserve to die. It does not deserve to be forgotten. If we allow New Orleans to fester and fade, what does that say about us? Is that what we want to be written in history - that a storm is stronger than the whole of America? That we just couldn't be bothered to save one of our oldest and most distinctive cities? Is that how far we have fallen?

If you are not in the disaster zone, how often do you hear about New Orleans anymore, unless you go looking? In California, I know, you hear nothing. One or two stories, sparked by the official beginning of this year's hurricane season, and that's it. The media has decided that New Orleans is old news. That nobody cares anymore.
I want you to prove them wrong.
How, you ask? Simple.
Go there.

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