Douglas (beagley) wrote in metaquotes,

Christianity yuck!

Quote from a Christian who is sick of how the faith's image is trashed by evil "Christians."

"If Ann Coulter and her like are Christians, I'm a can of Spam."

She continues...

"I have one of those Bibles with the words of Jesus printed in red. It makes a quick scan to find out what Jesus actually said really easy. I can't find one word Jesus said to encourage name calling or hate of anyone, much less homosexuals, widows, people who have just lost their entire families, or those who just disagree with us... Tony says let them have the name Christian and look for a new name for the rest of us. The ones that remember Jesus preached love and told us to be kind and to forgive. And I need to forgive."

Read the full post at moropus's post, Things I've been pondering that make no sense at all.

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