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I know that if I were to own an Armani shirt signed by Mr. Gaiman, I would spend an evening impersonating said author. I would get a black curly wig, put it into pigtails, find the nearest karaoke bar and introduce myself as Neil "Scary Trousers" Gaiman, Master of Modern Terror before launching into a rousing rendition of Baby Got Back. And if anyone questioned my identity, I would point to the signature and give them a very stern look.


5 things to do with a t-shirt signed by Neil Gaiman
Write "pay to the order of [you], lots of money" on it, take it to the bank, try to convince them it is a cheque and cash it.
Starch it heavily and put it on your bookshelf
Run it up a flag pole in your front yard. Delcare yourself soverign lord and ruler of the republic of Neilgaimaniana. Invent national dance, anthem.
Prop in a crazy vodoo ritual to steal Neil's powers.
Wear it to impress girls.

--a couple of random readers, on Neil Gaiman's blog.

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