Kat, as in Feline. (fortuna_juvat) wrote in metaquotes,
Kat, as in Feline.

In this post, chia_rhino makes up new definitions for the internet's favourite acronyms.

BNF - Bugs Need Fun!!!
EB - Everybody, Bounce!
HBB - The sound you make when drowning.
OP - Orangutang party.
OTP - Orangetang/Turtle party.
BPAL - Blonde Person's Attempt at Lunacy
SPN - The new, abbreviated ESPN. Only shows 15 second highlight clips.
ONTD - Only Now They Die.
TWOP - What you hear when things pop into existance.
IMDB - Indiana Made Dice, Bitch!
OT3 - Ok, Times 3.
PWP - Peanut Waffle Power!
QWP - Funny statements by chronic misspellers.
ORLY - The guy that plays Legolas, to the totally mushy.

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