Scribbler (obabscribbler) wrote in metaquotes,

Fannish gripes.

lucidscreamer is having issues with a character who refuses to co-operate in her fanfiction.

I'm warning you now, Seto. Either stop trying to hijack my fic or I will do something horrible to you. And I don't mean just take away your dragon or make you wear pink, either. I mean something mean, something ebil and nasty and BAD, like... like... Well, I dunno what exactly, but it will be EBIL and nasty and BAD. Seriously.

You do recall that you're in a sci-fi AU, right? I mean, sure, I could always just kill you off (you are in a war, dude), but where's the fun in that? Keep it up and I will not only saddle you with the worst plot-twists in history of twisted plots, I will find a way to really make you suffer.

If all else fails, there's always MPREG...

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