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_rikiki is having relationship problems with her computer....

I'm sorry about this, Rowena, really I am. But Anastasia does things for me that you never could. I don't want you to feel like I just sold you out, or that I'm just passing you on now that I'm through with you. Ana's more portable and highly functional; I'll be able to take her out on the town or just hang out wherever. She came with a lot less baggage, too, and was made by better people.

Also, she can burn DVDs. Can you do that? I know, I know, it's not your fault. And yeah, it was nice to have a CD burner, at least. But she can burn CDs, too. And she'll get along so much better with Prudence, instead of just draining her energy all the time.

You'll have fun with Aunt Pam and Grandma, y'know. They're good people, even if they don't know quite how to deal with you as well as I can. They like you, y'know. You'll really like seeing more snow from the comfort of inside. Besides, if you came back to Greenville it could be ages before you saw cable internet again. Isn't downloading things quickly just spiffy?

I'll still come back and visit, I promise.

Here's the (f-locked) post, QWP of course.

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