cannot make bricks without clay (shes_unreal) wrote in metaquotes,
cannot make bricks without clay

In columbus, a gent is discouraged from peeping into the ladies' at a fast food joint

ninjer: I think the very reason why he should NOT enter is . . . it's a girls' bathroom at Taco Bell. HAVE YOU YET KNOWN A SINGLE HUMAN TO RETURN FROM THOSE FOUL DEPTHS?!

Just last month we were forced to DEVOUR poor Lucy after that horrendous encounter with the "stall" that was, in actuality, none other than the experimental "GORDITA FABRICATUM" . . . POOR LUCY . . . POOR US!!!!!

czer323: bollocks... now you're just spreading filthy propaganda to discourage the men from uncovering the secrets of the womans bathroom at Taco Bell. I'd be willing to bet money that there's gold plated toilet seats and Mountain Dew flavored fountains. This all makes sense now. I'll have to visit the Taco bell myself now and steal the toilet seat just to prove my case.


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