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My first Metaquote - be gentle. ;-)

rmjwell enlightens us with the REAL reasoning behind the Bush Administration's actions. Ever.
QWP from This Post - Go to the source!

"When you think about it, the Bush administration has three basic explanations for everything:

  • Queer marriage
  • September 11th
  • I'ts all Clinton's fault

Their wet dream (if Republican's have wet dreams) would be finding out that high gas prices are the result of Hilary Clinton's secret lesbian marriage. On 9/11.

Although, it does make sense that the current regime is so gung-ho for heterosexual marriage given that we've got Bush and Dick in the White House.

Your handy "Besmirching the Presidency" scorecard; clip and save.

On George Bush's watch we've had foreign terrorists destroy the World Trade Centers; seen the White House's corporate friends and supporters go to jail over fraud charges that decimated a state's economy; and gone to war because the President apparently has Oedipal issues.

Bill Clinton, on the othe hand, lied about getting a blow job in the Oval Office.

So from this we can conclude that-- Hey, look over there! Some gays want to get married!"

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