Baroness Lucia Lia Lámh (or L-cubed) (cortejo) wrote in metaquotes,
Baroness Lucia Lia Lámh (or L-cubed)

7/6/6 <--- OMG!!!

stegzy makes fun of the number of the beast here

7/6/6 <--- OMG!!!

thats like 766. And like if you add them all up you get 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oneoneeleven

OMG!!!!! We're all going to die! Cos like 19 is like added together right to give 10 and 10 is teh badness because like if you multiply 1 by 0 you get 0!!!!

And 0 is zero and zero means nothing OMG!!!! And like thats like evil and we're all going to die horribly by having things inserted into our rectums...its true because 0 is a sign! It looks like an anus does the number 0! It does and when you type 0! into a calculator you get error!! and like an error is baaaaaad so that must mean we're all going to die too!

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